Research, Design, and Document Protocol and Software Architecture

UPSYCLE (Ubiquitous Publish-Subscribe Infrastructure for Collaboration on Edge Networks) is a P2P publish-subscribe protocol suite that provides a scalable group communication primitive offering privacy & security by design, unlike IP Multicast, and has therefore the potential for widespread adoption. UPSYCLE addresses privacy, security, and scalability by clustering nodes based on their subscription similarity, and relay-free routing of end-to-end encrypted messages within public key-addressed topics.

DROMEDAR (Distributed Replicated Mergeable Data Repositories) makes use of CRDT sets that enable the use of graph (Linked Data) models for collaboration and publishing, and ensure interoperability between the Social Web (ActivityPub, RDF, SOLID) and P2P networks.

The SHRUTHI unikernel infrastructure can run on specialized or commodity hardware, in cloud environment or as software components in a virtualized infrastructure, making it easy to deploy and scalable.


D1.1 – DROMEDAR Data Model Specification

D1.2 – UPSYCLE Protocol Design Specification

D1.3 – SHRUTHI Service Prototype Release


D1.4 – DREAM Specification