D1.3 – SHRUTHI Service Prototype Release

This page is an evolving document. The intention is for it to eventually describe how to setup and use SHRUTHI


Implement & document the first stage of a unikernel provisioning system architecture. The design phase jumps start into a minimal implementation of the following features:

  • Provisioning of Unikernels
    • Must be able to create and start Unikernels
    • Must allow for passing configuration [meta]data to unikernels - eg. key material, network info

Thus providing a starting point for the software and documentation that will evolve during the project.


Due date: 2021-05-28

@dvn, we should refine the description as the current one belongs to the proposal, before we realized it would not be a spec. I guess we can still publish documentation there, but it should still reflect the work you’re doing.

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OK, I’ve made updates. Will think about it more, to see how I can expand it.

I think the https://dream.public.cat/pub/dream-hosting-spec should point to a different thread.

It’s the URL written in the contract as a mean of verification that the milestone is complete.

Are you suggesting we open another topic dedicated to SHRUTHI documentation and point this URL to that topic?

Alternatively, the first post can evolve into a presentation of how SHRUTHI works, how to use the prototype release, what’s the approach to provisioning unikernels. Maybe we could redirect the original URL to something more appropriate for this topic, e.g., /pub/unikernel-provisioning.

But it seems to me that ‘dream hosting spec’ could as well be a README to help third parties setup a similar infrastructure.

What do you think?

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Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

OK, so I will note this.

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