Reporting on DREAM progress. Watch this category for updates!

How to reach the DREAM Team?

Sending an email to <dream@public.cat> will not reach the team directly, but mindful email will be forwarded to the team. You may either post to the forum and address team members, or contact individual members via messages or Matrix/IRC/XMPP or their personal email.

For general discussion, you may start with the #agora!

How to follow progress?

Enable notifications in this category (#dream:wp4-reporting), watch the #dream category (especially for the work packages) and follow progress with our Gitlab group activity.

Can I peer review DREAM?

Surely yes! We’re very glad you wish to bring your expertise to the creation of DREAM. The best way to do so is to connect to this forum with a PUBLIC SSO account and participate.


D4.1 Web Presence

Source of Truth

This forum and the associated public website at https://dream.public.cat/ serve as source of truth for the DREAM Team who can publish pages from the forum.

Source Code

Our source code repositories are hosted on Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/public.dream

Live Chat

We also maintain presence on Matrix/IRC, and each project involved has a dedicated channel:

Initiative Matrix room or IRC channel
IN COMMON Type /join #incommon:public.cat or join Freenode IRC #incommon channel
openEngiadina Type /join #openEngiadina:public.cat
P2Pcollab Type /join #p2pcollab:public.cat
PUBLIC Type /join #love:public.cat

D4.2 R&D Report and Prospective

We will be publishing a final report next December to reflect on our research and provide further topics to research.