Why would your organisation host a DREAM core node

*This wiki is a first draft of thinking together what could be the incentive for an organisation to host a DREAM core node. Please feel free to editm add change information *

As global issues arise that affect local communities across borders with variable consequences, solving problems require that local communities are able to exercise agency by acting together.
We design networks & systems that empower & respect users, and ensure sustainability of hardware, software, and human resources.

DREAM proposes design protocols for a 2/3 P2P system based on a network of core nodes that ground the network ensuring its availability and relaying data.

Core nodes at the heart of DREAM P2P network are the infrastructure that allows for its usage by organizations, they permit the organization of a decentralized secure network for the sharing of data within your community.

Why would you host a core node?

  • You are an Organization that exchange delicate users data with external collaborators, for example you are a health care organization or a hospital that exchanges patient data with external practitioners.

    • It allows you to share the responsibility of hosting the data without compromising its security.
    • It allows you to share securely data with the people in your larger network,
    • It allows the remote update of information by external collaborators without having to share accesses,
    • It lets you define your group of authorized accesses and update it easily.
  • You are an organization that works with round the world activists.

    • It will allow your remote participants that might not have a steady internet access to share pertinent information documentation alerts among themselves and with your organisation despite the connectivity issues, or organized internet deprivation.
    • It will provide an easy to use system to ensure the security of their information by storing them securely.
  • You are a research institution or a university

    • It will entail you to participate to a network organised without centralisation of information and allow for its understanding.
    • As DREAM deploys accross all type of research institutionsm it will allow you to reach out to other institutions even very remote without the need of a central coordination and preserving the privacy of your research.
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