Upsycle-send step 2

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I’m replying in #dream to avoid footshooting and leaking security issues :slight_smile:

In a second step, maybe @Nemael can have a look, we would send actual messages from file.txt. I understand all the difficulty it adds in terms of security, so I want to clarify a couple of things. First, we would put this code on expandable machines, that would eventually be deployable from Git if @dvn and I have time to play this card, or for which I would maintain snapshots so we can reset the demo at will in case the VMs are attacked. Then of course, we’d limit the access to these sockets to our controlled sources to contain the attack vector with a firewall. It’s not bullet-proof but it would make a much stronger case for the MR during a demo.

In this case, upsycle-send would take in an arbitrary message – not only pre-defined commands --, encode it, and send it to the service on one of the available routers. The nature of the message would be a simple “Hello, world.”, and some short RDF (less than a screen length), just to demonstrate.

I’m setting up A, B, and C on three different machines on 3 LANs (and 2 datacenters), and running on 3 OSes (NixOS, Debian, and Alpine Linux). I will provide the setup documentation for each OS.

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Since Alpine Linux is resisting with some uint128 error, I’m considering using Guix instead.

NixOS is also a bit weird, and there’s no documentation on how to setup the development environment. I can’t find make FFS.

Is this an error in our code or somewhere else?

No, not your code, it works fine on Debian, so I expect it should as well on Alpine. I had a chat with @emery and he seems to concur that it might be caused by an incompatibility due to Alpine’s Musl vs. Glibc. I did not track the error yet, having to deal with NixOS first. See updated post in where I made some progress, but my ignorance of NixOS combined with the lack of documentation on setting up NixOS for DREAM development makes me go slow.

I could build ocaml-seaboar using nix flakes.

But I fail to add make as a dependency to run opam install . in ocaml-conduit-dream. I need to sleep on it and will come back to it on Saturday. I found the way…

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