The Documentation System

I stumbled upon which describes a way to document projects.

Are you familiar with it?
Are there preferred alternatives?

I’m willing to give it a try and start documenting our work to provide great documentation using this or another approach.

Amazing thank you so much for this, Indeed very well described I reproduce here the different types of documentation that a completed project should bring toguether.

Timewise as in DREAM as we are still in the process of defining our project it feels we should start by producing an explanation, as it is lighter and it is the part of the documentation that provide background and context. We already started this process while presenting the project for the website with the sections for activists, for developers.
We could start similar sections on the technologies we choose to investigate, namely P2P LD and CRDT and Unikernels.

I guess first step would be to gather existing information about each this can be done in a shared participative process I will prepare public posts for the DREAM catchers category.

Tutorials How-to guides Reference Explanation
oriented to learning a goal information understanding
must allow the newcomer to get started show how to solve a specific problem describe the machinery explain
its form a lesson a series of steps dry description discursive explanation
analogy teaching a small child how to cook a recipe in a cookery book a reference encyclopaedia article an article on culinary social history