Run DMC! (Celebration meeting)

Since delivrable D2.1 – MVP Alpha (DROMEDAR) was released this morning, we’d like to take the time of an online synchronization meeting with the larger network of our community to discuss it and celebrate.

2021-07-01T14:00:00Z please come and congratulate the team on this awesome achievement that opens the way to decentralized group collaboration on distributed databases.

As with our regular meetings, we’ll be using the Mumble service at (default port), and a pad to take notes eventually.

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Meeting agenda:

Hi all,
sorry, but I won’t attend the meeting today. I accidentally made some other plans (partly because the
date of the meeting was unclear to me; I thought it would be next week).
If anyone wants to know anything about the rdf-turtle and rdf-json parsing, the things I mainly worked on for D2.1, I’m confident that Pukkamustard can answer these questions.
Have a good meeting

This is not a team meeting.

@arie sorry that you could not join, all the notes are detailled and we hopefully even have recordings. @pukkamustard did pass quite some information, and we opened new spaces for exchanges in the idea of a software syndicate around all our different projects.

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