At the winter meeting we talked about using DTLS as the transport for UPSYCLE. Is this still the idea?

Note that ocaml-tls does not support DTLS, so that’s a potential problem. See this issue

yes, I’m aware of that issue, that’s why we focus on TLS only for now,
and keep DTLS for future work

@tg-x can you expand on why DTLS is wanted, and what limitations it entails to stick to TLS now?
From what I gather, Wireguard does not use DTLS since it requires TCP. I guess using DTLS would become necessary if we want to use UDP as a transport instead of TCP.

DTLS is useful for gossip protocols that continously establish new connections to different peers and don’t need reliable delivery.
To start with, it’s sufficient to rely on TLS first and optimize later by adding DTLS support.