This year OFFDEM will be OFFline Developer’s European Meeting and I hope it will be an occasion to catch the DREAMers and join in Brussels.

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What I took from OFFDEM

Some notes about the understandings I gathered during OFFDEM, and how they can feed the DREAM project.

Saturday we explored issues of community organisation self hosting and knowledge sharing. Main presentation was from GNUragistes the other half of petites singularités who work in Brussels engaging in self hosting for different non profit structures that are already quite large and have important technical needs but no internal knowledge, such as Radio Campus.
They report every move they do about the infrastructure they install as git issues, and build up documentation as well as encouraging participation through this means also, trying to build up basic tech knowledge among their users.

The aspects that we are concerned by is keeping in mind that most of the time groups do not have access to technical support and no capacity to install nor maintain software unless the process very straightforward.

Sunday afternoon was more focused on issues about data for/from the commons.
For example, our friend from Permanence Occupation has been organizing a collecting of empty building information and has an important data base he wants to feed into IN COMMON and we are looking for strategies to have the people using the data update them as the strong movement of opening spaces in Brussels continues developing.
Indeed collecting data is only a first step in such a process and the community work to engage people in adopting software and engaging wth a process is a lot more lengthy.

In this case interface is a major issue and is urgently needed, we are currently looking at developing a proper interface for the IN COMMON database, however this is only a temporary fix that allows us the consolidate the IN COMMON community but does not transfer directly to DREAM, up to now there has been no thinking among us on how these processes can happen I propose that we devote part of the DREAM demo end meeting to thinking properly these processes.