DEMO, and then what?

During a previous discussion, related with “community building/activation” for the DEMO in OFFDEM 2022, we asked ourselves with @natacha & @how "What would we like, what are we aiming for, for the aftermath of DEMO and especially the continuity/ (its) life elsewhere of DREAM"?

Maybe a meeting in France, Rennes or Nantes city, with academic researchers in OCAML area. Just an idea track here and now.

I am trying to deeply think about it, also trying to list some points and “goals”. So, if you have any idea, or thought, or some input to discuss, whatever… Please, add it below.

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I’m all for a meeting in INRIA Rennes with OCaml developers.

March, 10 and 11 are still in the track as option for a meeting?

I’m asking cause it could be a window for whatsoever to do with researchers

Yes, it looks like we can hit the road on the 9th and be in Rennes by then.

I’m waiting for a confirmation for a meeting in Rennes ( ~10th, March) this weekend or Monday at the latest.


Maybe I should print all actual published source code and knock on INRIA’s door on Tuesday: “Hi, it’s me! I’ve a DREAM. Would you buy me a coffee and read my leaflets?”

is 90% okay.

I have to send a description of “what we would do in Rennes” (demo, meeting, discussion, etc). And then we set a time and a place.

If you are inspired…

March 11 sounds better than 10th, we were planning to meet a partner in upcoming REAL project, and move afterwards to Rennes.

I will deal something for March 11th.
About this “something” : What do you want to do in Rennes with INRIA Ocaml Team?

I’m asking because this an important point in the next email I will send ASAP.

By the way, considering actual “feeling” and trouble around in coming DEMO in Brussels, plus some pitfall and silence with some French academics folks (Humanities research field), I’m thinking to be more focus to invite them in Rennes, or maybe later and elsewhere after March stuff.
What is your standpoint / feeling / idea about this thought?

Hi All,

I had just yet an email discussion with Alan Schmitt (INRIA Rennes / Ocaml). He noticed me that people from INRIA Rennes will not be available this Thursday, lack of motivation, last minute withdrawal.

I’m sad and angry, not towards Alan, and also I know that there are social issues and professional troubles at INRIA. last-minute defection put wrath on me.

So now,

you are still welcome in Rennes and we will be pleased to host you in our flat.

Would you still like to have a DREAM meeting in Rennes?
If that’s what you want I will focus on other people outside INRIA and find a warm place to do this meeting in our own way.

I am also available for voice discussion and/or physical meeting, if needs.

I only see this today. @natacha told me the meeting was cancelled. I didn’t know why, and you didn’t tell me anything. I find it sad that we did not find the time to discuss the issues at hand face to face.

I had contacted Alan to check that everything was okay (last Tuesday, March 9). Something I do almost all the time before an important meeting.
I then tried to call Natacha on the phone to discuss it right after. I understand that she was not available and that there were plenty of valid reasons.
The result of this exchange with Alan is described above along with my interpretation of the context.
I then brought the topic up at the next morning’s meeting at the hacklab.

About Face to face discussion, There were several tense moments the day after the OFFDEM in which I was not comfortable (not related to DREAM I think, yet very difficult), and then the impossibility of discussing it together on the last Wednesday as the bad news broke on Tuesday afternoon and the other options were tiny.

Fatigue and your travel time by car also weighed in the discussion then decision with Natacha.

Finally, meetings with INRIA and others are always possible and desires are always there. So it’s still open and doable an not restricted at INRIA/Rennes.

On a very personal note, fatigue, stress, disappointment, and a few messages from people “outside INRIA” asking “is there a coffee this Thursday evening with the Belgians from DREAM in Rennes?”, led me to have a panic attack and the visit of an emergency doctor at home.

Yes, I can imagine you have noticed how distant @natacha and I were from our first moment together at Librairie Par Chemins. I expected to take the time to discuss with you on the way to Rennes, or that you would come earlier and try to break the ice. But none of this happened. I’m certain your panic attack has something to do with it as well. Discussing issues can lead to resolution. Not discussing them only leads to worsening situations.

Thanks for having done this, indeed it would have been a problem for us to move to Rennes if people from INRIA canceled, I am sorry to learn that other people were also planning to attend and were disappointed, but hopefully this will happen at another occasion.

I do’nt understand it seems contradictory, how can this be both “always possible” and canceled at the same time?

I have no trace from this .

@XavCC @how I also feel there is a lot of unsaid things, about DREAM but not only,
Can we have a voice chat in the coming days to resolve this.

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Sorry to hear this. I hope you can take care and get some rest.

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For sure!
I was preparing “assessments & outcomes” reusing information above and information here in the idea to suggest a voice chat meeting, and I was also preparing a pad for “information transfer and actual “opportunities””. I will make a pause with this pad until next voice chat.

I am free and available from Tuesday morning to Friday 4pm, except Thursday from 4pm.

Thank you @misterfish
I turned off all machine and communication device and I have been swimming. pretty successful strategy :wink:

Hey, I was also pretty sad when I read this. I feel sorry for you, and I think these kind of things shouldn’t make people feel like that. And I think that your task, communicating something that was very new to you, was a pretty difficult one, also given the fact that it was pretty unclear where the demo was going to exactly, what would happen after Dream, etc., which was something out of your hands.
Too bad they cancelled this meeting, but I don’t think that’s your fault at all. Anyway, take care and
enjoy swimming. Hopefully you read this message a couple of days from now :slight_smile:

From the bottom of my heart, thank all for your kinldy message and support.

After reading you @arie I was thinking last night. So now I have a question before jumping into action. What if I write to part like:

  1. personnal feddback on 2 month “community activation and academic outreach”
  2. Postmortem documentation and “profesionnal feedback” on this mission

Could it be useful and make sens? Is it completing with “information transfer and actual “opportunities” (wip pad here)?

Tomorrow morning is fine with me. 10AM ?