Decentralised identity issues

In the prospect of future development and concerns over capabilities I thought it would be a good idea to strat listing the projects that address those questions.

Please update this post if you know anymore.

W3C has a standard for decentralized identifiers: and verifiable credential data models

Reclaim-ID based uses the GNU Name System
Proposes decentralized identity management and cryptographic access control

Zenroom zero knowledge proof attribute based credentials.

On the corporate side of things it seems that Spiffe is often used

an article from thoughworks on this subject:

Conferences and groups of interest:

Also related many policy issues in decentralised environments are raised by the immutability of blockchain hashes some of them are referenced here: it might be of interest at some point.

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zenroom is not so much of an identity provider but instead provides a tiny execution environment for various cryptographic operations

one use case i could imagine for this is to use it to provide programmable access control policies for pub/sub topics