I’m looking into improving hosting of some services I am running and intend to run (XMPP, Funkwhale).

I would like to use Guix but that might be a bit too far out and I also want some friends to be able to co-admin the services.

I ran into DebOps which seems to be a curated collection of Ansible roles/playbooks for Debian systems.

Any experience with DebOps? Other tools you use?

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Ok, dug into it a bit…I think I’d rather not spend too much time with Ansible…

I’ve never seen DebOps, but I have seen similar projects.

With Entanglement Garden we have taken the approach of creating system
images for each service. We use
Packer for building the images,
which allows us to define the configuration and build steps easily, and
keep that in revision control. You can see some of these repos here:

Back to DebOps, and Ansible in general: We use it. We don’t hate it…
but we try to use it very conservatively, and only make playbooks for
when we really need dynamic configuration. We prefer to setup things as
immutably as possible, so we try to lean on “Packer” to relieve our use
of Ansible as much as possible.

Of course, running each service in a virtual machine will incur more
overhead than the processes running on a shared host, but I don’t see a
good solution for doing that in a shared-hosting environment barring

my 2 cents

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