Consecutive replies limit

I ran into this problem in Licensing:

No more than 3 consecutive replies are allowed. Please edit your previous reply, or wait for someone to reply to you.

@how Shall we remove this limit?
It makes no sense when posting updates to a certain topic such as this, or any other issues where one person can post updates over time

@how this limit is getting in my way all the time, can we please increase it?

Oh, you lost moderator again. I honestly ignore how you manage to do this.

I upgraded to 10 consecutive replies. Please don’t use this to talk to yourself. :wink:

Right now I see a lot of questions you did not answer yet. Like, for example, in the Licensing topic you linked in your first response here: what’s the status there? Should I intervene? Without mentioning past meetings’ questions that we took a lot of time to discuss and come up with as a way to ease the pain of working together. You wanted questions, you have them, so please respond to them so that everyone can get their minds working along yours!