[DEMO] Community Activation

Just before embarking on “community building” effort in early January, 2022. for upcoming DEMO during OFFDEM O2 in Brussels, I need you and your thoughts, questions, criticism, feelings, and so on.

I would like to share with you some ideas that I have. Here is 2 examples of categories of people I want to contact (based on my existing contacts).

Academic Researchers HSS

Academic Researchers IT and programmers

  • Ocaml floks from INRIA: National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (France)

Activism & NGO

Do not hesitate to comment below.


Yes all are certainly good people to bring around, informing them about the DREAM DEMO at OFFDEM is great .
however most people might not be able to join us in Brussels in February, we need to prepare proper material to summarize what are our intentions in this DEMO.
We can work on this asap together if you like.

Hi All, Hi @natacha

I wish you a happy new year.

(I am still alive… :wink: )

I am available for a meeting / chat, let me know when you want and you can work on it.

In order for the DEMO to be more engaging, it feels we will need to publish some of the information that is here being discussed privately, among other things make a proper post in the Dream Catchers category with information from the wireframe description post

As a first step, I’m thinking of reusing DREAM’s descpription from the website.

" Distributed Replicated Edge Agency Machine"
The PUBLIC DREAM is an ongoing research program part of the NGI initiative of the European Commission.
The goal of DREAM is to enable the convergence of distributed P2P networks and linked data models, within social solidary economy and organize among trusted groups.
For example, a group may collect, share, and edit local commons data offline, then synchronize these datasets with other trusted peers and enrich a globally distributed database that can be used from the Web and edited asynchronously by independent parties over the P2P network.

Then in three sentences explain what the DEMO will consist of.

Then in 3 or 4 sentences, what is “Distributed Mutable Containers (DMC)”.

(and be very careful to avoid the use of acronyms, especially without explanation).

Does it make sense?

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@XavCC I stumble on this amazing initiative: http://www.bioline.org.br/ I feel it is a little early in our process to get accointed to them as they do not yet have any usage for DREAM but I put the reference here for future prospects.